بروفيشنال فاينال

The system contains the following:
1. Stages of manufacturing
2. Manufacturing processes
3- Manufacturing plan
4- The possibility of theoretical manufacturing
5. Deviation of manufacturing costs
6- Manufacturing movement

Stages of Manufacturing

The manufacturing stages are built into the system according to the product policy (continuous manufacturing or manufacturing orders)

Second: Manufacturing operations
The final product and its components are defined through the system. The system automatically divides the raw materials of the final product into the production line
Third: Manufacturing plan
We can make a manufacturing plan whether daily, weekly or monthly
In it we know the plan and choose the model and the stage – the warehouse – and the cost center shows our details of the manufacturing plan

IV: The possibility of theoretical manufacturing
We select the initial material – the model – the stage – and the store and then we click on the preview and shows you the details of the theory of the virtual manufacturing process and the system displays the deviation rates in any of the items manufactured or items or the first cost calculations
Fifth: Deviation of manufacturing costs
We choose the stage, model, store and date from and to where we can choose the deviation on the level of day, week, month or year, or according to a specific date or date from and to and then choose any of the three deviations or only one of the manufactured items or the first items or cost calculations We click on a preview to show us the truth, it also explains the alternative varieties and the quantity of the items and their value negatively or positively. We can choose all or one stage with all its models or only one model for that stage. Any flexible and detailed report that you can obey according to your wishes and desires and according to the requirements of the administration
Sixth: Manufacturing movement
Is the total increase and decrease in all movements, even if a specific model or a specific stage was chosen for you in all its movements from date to date if it was determined and if the date is not determined, the total is from the first day of the day


1 – the possibility of recording internal operations in all stages
2 – the possibility of recording external operations in all stages.
3 – the possibility of recording customer requests as well as the expected demand of the final product.
4 – You can develop a future plan of production in the order of items and dates of withdrawal from the store.